Investing in digital technologies, FutureEnterprise («Road mapping, Research Coordination and Policy activities supporting Future Internet-based Enterprise Innovation»), a Support Action funded by the European Commission, aims at opening new avenues for Internet-based Enterprise Innovation by supporting and coordinating the research activities in Future Internet from the perspective and for the benefit of enterprises on the basis of an open mentality to bridge the past (FP7) with the future (Horizon 2020). Building on the results of the ENSEMBLE support action and combining a community-driven approach with Web 2.0 collaboration tools, FutureEnterprise will fully align the scope of its activities to the priorities of DG CONNECT Unit E3: Net Innovation.

FutureEnterprise will meet its goal through the following targeted objectives:

  1. Fostering a novel innovation culture in research to serve entrepreneurship purposes by exploring and seeding new ideas and opportunities in a flexible way as they emerge from the research landscape.
  2. Envisioning innovative research directions for the acceleration of new forms of Enterprises by building crowd-sourced, ‘live’ roadmaps. With the active contribution of an Experts’ panel, FutureEnterprise will systematically explore enterprise-related trends, elaborate on visionary scenarios related to how entrepreneurship and net innovation may evolve in 2050 and reach consensus on the challenges to be tackled by researchers and practitioners.
  3. Providing concrete policy recommendations towards “new forms of enterprises”. FutureEnterprise shall engage all stakeholders in open and iterative brainstorming exercises to identify opportunities, challenges, and bottlenecks that should be addressed in future EC programmes and activities. Particular attention will be paid to the collaboration with ongoing research projects and initiatives in Unit E3 and, in general, in Directorate E: NET Futures, in order to encapsulate their lessons learnt and perspectives.
  4. Defining a unique vision for Enterprise Innovation fusing technology with business research and embedding Web Entrepreneurship culture in the enterprise context.
  5. Bringing together a community targeting research for web entrepreneurship and businesses. FutureEnterprise shall ensure continuity between the FInES (Future Internet Enterprise Systems) background and Web Entrepreneurship future orientations and accelerate stakeholders’ involvement, with a particular emphasis on web entrepreneurs and SMEs.
  6. Increasing awareness and spreading knowledge. FutureEnterprise will organize annual large conferences, participate in various events, organize special issues in high impact journals and leverage state of the art communication channels (like social media) to reach out to international audiences within and beyond the EU.

Digital Business Innovation

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