With regard to the roadmapping activities, FutureEnterprise will deliver crowdsourced, iterative and live versions of a research roadmap on new forms of enterprises and Internet-based Enterprise innovation.

The FutureEnterprise roadmap is developed with the help of an open innovation approach that combines the collective intelligence of the community to investigate the state of play, build and explore scenarios for Enterprise2030 and eventually to identify concrete research challenges. In comparison to past experience and previous roadmapping attempts, the novel characteristics of the FutureEnterprise roadmap entail:

  1. the involvement of a Contributors group (including the FutureEnterprise Experts’ Panel and other affiliated experts and initiatives) to contribute to the contents of the roadmap;
  2. three crowdsourcing exercises to gather ideas for the state of the art, the visionary scenarios and new research areas through a well-established methodology;
  3. the reinforcement of the enterprise role by translating the contents of the roadmap (which is typically written from a rather scientific and research perspective) to the needs of enterprises through roadmap take-up activities.

Digital Business Innovation

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