FutureEnterprise has published a free, 4-week course entitled “New Forms of Enterprise: How to deliver digital business innovations and capture value” to help you learn how innovations can be integrated in useful business models, and generate new, competitive, digital ventures in Europe. It is designed for people having technical skills (e.g., engineering, computer science), yet willing to acquire new skills and capabilities in strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, specifically applied to the digitalization of business.

The course lasts for 4 weeks made up of a total of 18 segments as following:

  • Week 1: Designing and running your digital enterprise
    • Digital Startup as an Option
    • Digital Enterprise Technological Trends
    • From Prototype to Market
    • Build Your Strategy and Scenarios
    • Choose Your Digital Management Style
  • Week 2: Define your business model innovation
    • What is a business model
    • What is a business model innovation
    • What is open innovation
    • What are crowd-driven and crowd-based forms of organizations and systems
  • Week 3: Raise and manage money
    • How much money do you need?
    • Navigating the financing universe
    • Seed funding
    • Expansion funding
    • Cash management
  • Week 4: Capture value and profit from your innovation
    • Protecting your idea – Intellectual property
    • Capturing Value
    • Legal considerations: product liability & incorporation
    • Growing & scaling your venture

Each week requires around 3 hours of work, in order to cover all the major topics for anyone who wants to build or transform into a digital organization. Each course discusses challenges anyone who does business faces, from ideation and market validation, to funding the venture and finally to profiting and patenting, and concludes with a short quiz.

You may enroll to the course at: http://moodle.epu.ntua.gr/ (note: you need to create your account and log in in order to access the material) - for any questions, please contact us at: info@futureenterprise.eu

Digital Business Innovation

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