Enterprise Lab

The Enterprise Lab collects “mentoring” material to accelerate the Digital Enterprise and boost digital business innovation at three dimensions:

  • Education Seeds: Education material (e.g., links to existing MOOCs, webinars available online for clarifying some concepts related to business models, etc.)
  • Business Seeds: Existing business models, with a focus on digital innovation
  • Research Seeds: Outline of EU-funded research projects related to the Digital / Sensing Enterprise.

The Enterprise Lab aims to provide a framework for learning from best practices as they continuously emerge from research and academia, while answering the requests and needs of the diverse targeted actors, identinfied in the FutureEnterprise “Report on motivation activities towards enterprises and web entrepreneurs”, that are:

  • Facilitation of access to universities and research centres
  • Facilitation of access to research results and publications and notably, in an understandable by enterprise executives manner, with a clear focus on the potential business benefits and impact
  • Formalization of a commercialization process for bringing an invention from the research labs to the actual marketplaces
  • Provision of support, mentoring and coaching towards the adoption of research and innovation developments, either for free or for low fee
  • Fast access to even small amounts of funding that would not only add to the capital, but also result into revenue
  • Formalization of a common framework for entrepreneurs, based on projects, technology, knowledge, people, etc. that a would cater for their collective and sustainable support

Digital Business Innovation

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